Taking care of Katan or Silk Sarees

  1. fiest time it must be cleaned through laundry for dry wash. Do not wash it with the detergent .
    2) Use detergents after you wash them with 2-3 plain water washes.

    3) Use mild detergent for a quick wash. But Do not soak your saree in the detergent.

    4) Do not squeezing these sarees after wash.

    5) Do not brush or lash the Silk Saree it will lead to tearing.

    6) While ironing use two pieces of cloth so that you don’t directly iron on the surface and do not steam iron or wet the fabric before ironing.

    ***tips of the tips::: The Unused Silk Sarees Need to be dried every six monthes or once in a year.
    This would maintain their color and shine.

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